HIKITIA TE HĀ – Simple Breathing Exercises


Big Breakfast interviewed Aaron and Vaea on Breakfast this morning – Monday 26 February 2018

Breathe easy with Hikitia te Hā

Focusing on our breathing is a very helpful and basic practice for becoming more mindful. Combining it with some simple actions makes it even better.

Hikitia te Hā is a simple breathing exercise that anyone can learn. Practicing Hikitia te Hā on a daily basis with simple, open-hearted attention can help make you more aware of te hā (the breath) and be more present in each moment.

Just like Tai Chi the movements are performed slowly. Each action is performed starting with breathing slowly through your nose on the in-breath (hā ki roto). On the out-breath relax and let your jaw drop so it’s nice and relaxed, mouth slightly open, and make the sound of your breath going outward.

Be aware of Te hā (the breath), and acknowledge ngā ātua Māori through body form and movements. You may have your own movement or sound you want to create as a body form for the different ātua. Be creative!


  • Māori ways of taking care of our hauora/well-being
  • Videos to be released shortly online through the All Right? website https://allright.org.nz/ or Hikitia Te Hā https://allright.org.nz/our-projects/hikitia-te-ha/
  • Whānau can learn, share and adapt them to suit their own needs